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Representative Gary Simrill’s Post-Session Update

Rep. Gary Simrill gives us insight into what to expect this upcoming fiscal year which begins July 1st, 2012. His report includes the status of the budget, as well as an explanation of his disappointment with some aspects of it. … [Read more...]

Rep. Gary Simrill Legislative Update

Rep. Simrill discusses the effects of 183 individuals being stricken from South Carolina public office ballots last week, as well as the nature and status of the House's and Senate's attempts to remedy the situation. … [Read more...]

Legislative Update from Rep. Gary Simrill

Rep. Simrill discusses the Department of Administration Bill that the House and Senate are both working on this week. It was proposed by Governor Haley and Rep. Simrill voices his agreement with her on the necessity of the new department. It will serve to eliminate the Budget Control Board which Simrill says has actually taken power away from the people when it comes to matters such as money and budgeting. The Bill they are working on will restore much of that power to a new cabinet position … [Read more...]

Rep. Gary Simrill’s Legislative Update

Rep. Gary Simrill discusses a few important facets of the tax reform that the House is working on this week, including a more balanced and fair income tax as well as examining the tax exemptions. He says just this week they have looked at 78 exemptions that are currently in statute to decide if they remain to be viable and fair. He then goes on to say that his litmus test for an exemption is its effect on the economy. He believes if it helps businesses and creates new jobs then the exemption … [Read more...]