Rep. Gary Simrill Discusses State of the State Address

Rep. Gary Simrill gives his reactions to Gov. Nikki Haley's State of the State Address. … [Read more...]

Conservative Hopes for 2012

Rep. Gary Simrill speaks of his optimism for the 2012 legislative session and for the work to be accomplished this year. … [Read more...]

Rep. Gary Simrill on Redistricting

Rep. Gary Simrill explains the redistricting process as the House waited on the Senate's approval of the Congressional redistricting plans. … [Read more...]

Rep. Gary Simrill – Changes from Redistricting

Rep. Gary Simrill explains the S.C. House and Congressional restructuring bills and what they mean for York County. … [Read more...]

Rep. Gary Simrill on Appropriations and Redistricting

Rep. Gary Simrill discusses the the appropriations bill that was approved only recently by the Senate and the redistricting plans that will be looked later this month. … [Read more...]

Rep. Gary Simrill Discusses Immigration Reform

Rep. Gary Simrill talks about the immigration reform bill that makes South Carolina's stance on illegal immigration one of the strongest in the nation. … [Read more...]

Rep. Gary Simrill on the Amazon Vote This Week

Rep. Gary Simrill discusses this week's vote on Amazon, a vote that resulted in passage of the temporary tax exemption for the online distributor. … [Read more...]

Rep. Gary Simrill on Amazon

Rep. Gary Simrill discusses why it was the right decision to deny Amazon exemption from collecting sales taxes. … [Read more...]

Roll Call Voting Signed Yesterday

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Video: Voter ID Needs to Pass

Rep. Gary Simrill discusses Voter ID legislation in the House this week and how it will maintain the integrity of South Carolina's voting system. … [Read more...]