Where Gary Stands on the Issues

Gary is Making A Difference for you by:

• Improving education; providing every child in South Carolina with the opportunity to have a hopeful and successful future.

• Lowering taxes by reducing government spending; restructuring and consolidating to put money back into the pockets of hard-working, taxpaying families.

• Making it easier for our businesses to hire more workers and grow their businesses, increasing the quality of life for our citizens.

• Taking common-sense steps to control the excessive growth and congestion that erode the quality of our daily lives, because we are stuck in traffic, rather than spending time at home with our families.

• Continuing to implement our strategy of job creation, and focusing on increasing average income levels across our state, in both rural and urban areas.

• Competing for new jobs and corporate investment, by taking a “customer-service” focus. Building a pro business climate with tax incentives, targeted regulatory action, and workforce training programs to help companies succeed.

• Helping South Carolina’s small businesses, supporting entrepreneurship, and encouraging the creation of homegrown companies.

• Diversifying our economy by supporting growth in areas where South Carolina has unique strengths or competitive advantages.

• Competing based on an educated workforce, world-class research universities, high-tech infrastructure, innovation, and public policy to drive knowledge-economy growth.

Promoting wise and careful government spending . . .

• Keeping taxes low by running our state government with increased efficiency.

• Looking for every opportunity to eliminate government waste and duplication.

• Managing wisely the dollars contributed by hardworking South Carolina taxpayers.

• Practicing, as a government, principles of responsible stewardship. Working to stretch every dollar as far as possible, always conscious of the bottom line.

• Increasing accountability in government spending.

• Practicing fiscal conservatism, unlike our counterparts in Washington. (Every year we pass a budget that is balanced and serves the citizens of South Carolina, not the special interest groups.)

Working across party lines . . .

• Passing real reform, and passing laws that benefit our citizens, requires gathering support from both sides of the aisle. Progressing in South Carolina relies on cooperative action, and working together, in order to build a stronger state.

• Putting our partisan differences aside, and placing the needs of our citizens at the forefront.

Believing character matters

Strong families are at the core of strong communities. That is why Gary Simrill has always promoted values that keep family strong, recognizing this to be a vital step in ensuring health, safety and prosperity of our communities. Therefore, Gary supports faith-based initiatives that encourage character education, and the development of a strong moral code in our young people. We have economic and educational promises to keep to our future generations, but in fulfilling those obligations, we should never forget that the family is the sociological community where our children learn right from wrong.

Small Business Income Tax Cut
Workers’ Compensation Reform
Hydrogen Infrastructure Development Act
Economic Development Incentive Act
Air Carrier Hub Facilities Act
Life Sciences Economic Development Act
Venture Capital Investment Act
Jobs Creation Act
Capital Access Program
Film Incentive Act
Act 151 For Economic Development
Rural Development Act
Fee-in Lieu- of -tax Simplification Act
Tourism Infrastructure Act